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22 novembre 2010 1 22 /11 /novembre /2010 17:00


Do , , mi , fa , sol , la , si .



    For the knowledge of the truth... 





Magnified ans sanctified be the great Name

      in the world which he created according to his will

    and may he establish his Kingdom.

    (Kadish 1-3)





                           " Praised be the Name of your Lord (..)" 

                 (Koran, "The Merciful", LV, 78)




               "Blessed be the one to whom belongs

                        the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Earth (..)"

                (Koran, "The Ornament", XLIII, 85)



            " Praise and exalt your Lord, confide in him (..)  — "  

               ( Alcoran, XXV "L'Alcoran")


...with those who seek the truth...






    Our Father who are in Heavens !

      May your holy Name be revered,                                                                                                     

    May your kingdom happened  !


    May you will be done... 



    ...on Earth just as in Heaven !


(cf. Gospel Matthew 6,9-10 ; Gospel Luke 11,2)








   ...with those who want to be immersed in the Word of the veritable light...







       Beware that nobody makes you his prey by philosophy and by a vain deceit    







     ...and to return testimony to the truth.



Welcome on the blog of "la-véritable-lumière" (the veritable light), an impartial help, a small lamp for illuminating those who seek the truth.

I wish you a good reading of the articles as well as a good discovery of the albums of photographs published.


The Eternal is my light.

Good way ! 




Pascal Bourdaloue, redactor of the blog "la-veritable-lumiere.over-blog.com".



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