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30 juillet 2015 4 30 /07 /juillet /2015 11:49

Not only they taught pernicious doctrines to the children who were entrusted to them, but moreover, they failed in their moral obligations, because they made an excessive use of it sexually ! Indeed, unfortunately, it is nevertheless what made certain priests...

So, in this new case of child abuse, under the nose of the cardinal, the priest caressed the loins of the children !

I condemn the traitors of the Christ...


What to say about these clerics who were guilty of crimes ? Because the rape is really a criminal act the psychological consequences of which are destructive and leave aftereffects throughout life !

What to say about their hierarchy which ignores the complaints of the victims, which hides crimes and which covers with their authority of the obnoxious and reprehensible facts on vulnerable people ?

And especially that to think of the reaction of a pope (1) which supports to a high dignitary involved in cases of child abuse that he did not denounce to the justice ?

It is really scandalous to cover the authors of such crimes !


These child molesters and those who make collusive by covering their actions, have a behavior so depraved, which we have difficulty in believing that they can, one day, have been servants of God.

Moreover when we perform worthy function of cardinal and when we grant a promotion to a convinced priest of pedocriminality, by praising his virtues !!

Must not he rather be chastised, instead of being rewarded ? Because every servant who betrays the Lord does not deserve to be congratulated, but to be accused !

Is not it the heights of the cowardice, for these perverse spirits which so make an excessive use of the innocence of the children ?

I accuse these traitors of the Christ..


In other times, convicted, these men had been cut off from the people. Today, what would be the most just punishment ?

They seriously neglected their duties !

That justice is done to the victims of these sexual predators !

Because if such was not the case, it is to be afraid that the child molesters would be many to continue their unhealthy behavior with complete impunity.


The one who acts against the justice or the equity could not aspire to the holiness.

Such you can't judge a book by its cover, the cassock does not make the saint !

Those who suffer, having to break silence, demanded justice.

A judgement is rendered, but the culprit was not pursued !

Because the one who hides the facts was not judged with justice.

The victims were not heard, they were not defended !


So speaks the Eternal: " they implored justice and no justice ! So my anger will not calm down, until I carried out, executed the intentions of my heart. I shall shake the earth ! I shall so quench my anger, I shall make base my fury on them. I shall shake mountains and my Justice will show itself ! And my peace will remain only on those who will have observe my rules. You will understand it during times ".


(1) It is not unfortunately the first pope to act so. Indeed, his predecessor before becoming a pontiff as well as the one who preceded him, made even worse still !



Article written by Pascal Bourdaloue

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Published by Pascal Bourdaloue - dans Societal facts
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