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30 juillet 2015 4 30 /07 /juillet /2015 19:26

Madam S. became the symbol of the victims of conjugal hell !


Beaten up, humbled, deceived sexually as well as her three daughters, she lived martyr, under the total influence of her violent husband, during forty seven years !

To put an end to her calvary, in a last gesture of survival, she did not find other way out than to eliminate her executioner, having still received the threats and the knocks.

Indeed, she did not any more succeed in refraining to live, she allowed herself only to survive ! It was thus the only way which she found to release herself from conjugal chains which hindered her, so much she was oppressed by an alcoholic and tyrannical husband.

Considered guilty of crime due to the incompetence of the Advocate General and of a part of the members of the jury who followed the requisitions without measuring the tragic consequences, Mrs S. found herself imprisoned, condemned in ten years' imprisonment. This punishment was confirmed during the appeal proceedings where sat a Advocate General, draped in his principles of the criminal law, but having no knowledge of what endures a woman mistreated in her conjugal hell. What an injustice !


Thanks to the support of several associations of defense of the victims of conjugal violence, the Head of State deigned to give her only a partial grace. But, by the omnipotence of the magistrates having rejected her request of release on parole, she remains locked !

Already condemned inequitably with regard to all the big sufferings which broke her existence, she is now burdened by high representatives of the Justice !!

What a shame !


Nevertheless, experts in psychiatry and in psychology recognized Mrs S .'s not dangerousness.

While of terrorist potential " enregistered S ", supposed to be particularly dangerous because radicalized, are let free, continuous Madam S., her, rot in prison. This is the way quite recently, the carrier of an electronic bracelet " enregistered S ", although the Public prosecutor's department asked for his incarceration, knifed a priest in its church.

The height of the injustice is to leave freely people who can commit atrocious acts, while some who present no danger for others as Mrs S. who is not " enregistered S ", can be imprisoned during several years.

Such is the big paradox of the Justice !


By rejectingher requests of release on parole, the judges ignored the psychological consequences which entails a so long period of ill-treatment, as well as the process of psychic influence undergoes by Mrs S . However, nobody gets out unharmed of such a conjugal hell, far from it ! Furthermore, the judges blame her for using her right of conditional release, and for continuing to position in victim. That of unjustified grievances ! It is really scandalous ! How succeed in feeling guilty of having put an end to the violent and destructive actions of her executioner which even pushed her own son to the suicide ?

Having been struck by her deceased husband during almost half a century, it is now the Justice which, in its turn, with its inequitable and cruel judgments, strikes her knocks !

So by acting, these magistrates who have no competence to appreciate all the aspects of such dramatic situations (psychological impact of the undergone violence, the effects of an influence), bring a support for the men who mistreat his women (there are also men who are victims within their couple), encouraging them to pursue their violent and destructive acts. Some judges should rather use their zeal to condemn severely author of conjugal ill-treatment, to dissuade the spouses who could intend to commit acts so reprehensible !

Almost improbable facts, but which turn out to be, for Mrs S. but also for her raped daughters, a very bitter reality !!


After a new request of grace formulated by her three daughters, Mrs Sauvage is finally pardoned totally by the President of French Republic, after four years of detention.



Article "Survive family hell. A deeply moving testimony !" :




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Article written by Cristina Casado and Pascal Bourdaloue

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